Noah and the Landing

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The story:
After forty days on the water, Noah was able to land the Ark on Mt. Ararat. A dove carrying an olive branch was a sign from the Lord that there would be peace and the rainbow was a strong signal there was hope for the future of mankind. The animals marched off the Ark as a single pair, except for the cows, chickens, ducks, and other kosher creatures who survived as seven pairs, just as the Bible indicates.

Biblical Reference: Genesis 9

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Original Oil on Canvas 48 x 36 N/A Reserved for Donation
Original Lithograph on Archival Paper 30 x 22-3/8 100 $800.00
Giclée on Canvas 48 x 36 100 $1,830.00
Giclée on Canvas 30 x 22.5 100 $730.00
Giclée on Archival Paper 23 x 17 5 $400.00

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