The Parting of the Red Sea

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The fabled tale depicted in swaths of miraculous colors.

The story:
Moses, Aaron, and Miriam are triumphant on the shore of the Sinai desert as the people of Israel join them. Pursued by the Egyptians, who drown as the sea miraculously closes over their chariots, the Parting of the Red Sea is one of the most compelling stories from the Bible.

Biblical Reference: Exodus 13-15

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Original Oil on Canvas 48 x 60 N/A Reserved for Donation
Giclée on Canvas 48 x 60 250 $3,030.00
Giclée on Canvas 32 x 40 250 $1,365.00
Giclée on Archival Paper 17 x 23 5 $400.00
Original Serigraph on Archival Paper 30 x 42 100 $800.00

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