Deborah's Song (Triptych Créche)

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Regal purples and earthly tones herald the coming of peace.

The story:
Before Israel was ruled by kings it was ruled by judges. One of the greatest was Deborah who sat comfortably under her giant date palm and governed the land. When Jaban, the King of Canaan, sent his well-armed troops to rob and pillage, Deborah and her general, Barak, had difficulty raising an army. They assembled their troops as well as they could and lured the enemy to a brook. There the Lord brought on an unexpected storm that disabled the chariots of the Canaanites. The enemy general, Sisera, fled the scene on foot only to stop at the home of Yael. Yael took the opportunity to slay Sisera with a tent pin as he slept and Israel lived in peace for forty years.

Biblical Reference: Judges 4 & 5

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Giclée on Canvas 19 x 36.5 100 $780.00

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