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Known for her detailed folk paintings and limited edition prints, Elayne LaPorta’s palette is filled with colors inspired by dramatic themes from the Bible. LaPorta has found her niche translating spiritual scenes onto oils and prints. Using a unique American folk concept she calls, "Naïveté," LaPorta has developed a unique relationship to biblical art and artistic expression.

A student of archeology and a scholar of historical commentary, LaPorta blends her rich palette with strong details to create a deep spiritual connection to the subjects she paints. Prior to beginning any project, LaPorta engages in extensive research on her subject, often traveling to study the terrain and history that supports her investigation. The result is a visual narrative that depicts the vegetation, clothing, weapons, and legends indigenous to particular biblical themes.

Working in her sun-filled studio in Henderson, Nevada, LaPorta paints daily and continues her research long into the night. Her dedication to her mission is truly a labor of love that is evident in every aspect of her creations.

Defined by a deep understanding of how her topics move and engage her audience, LaPorta’s works have been collected privately and are widely exhibited in galleries, biblical centers, trade shows, and academic institutions.

Elayne LaPorta Traditional Setting

Her subjects include the Parting of the Red Sea, the Arrival of the Israelites, the Landing of Noah’s Ark After the Flood, Jesus’ First Miracle, and Ruth Amid the Alien Corn, as well as many other important biblical and historical religious events. Trained in Europe as well as the United States, LaPorta attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy and studied privately with Arnold Hitchcock, Cliff Segerblom, and with Steve Lesnick at the Lesnick School of Art. She is a member of the Catholic Fine Arts Society, Catholic Artists of the 90s, Midwest Association Religious Talent, Inc., and the International Registry Religious Women Artists.

In 2005, LaPorta was unanimously approved by the Board of the Saint Bernadette Institute of the Sacred Heart as a Laureate and was awarded the Mother Teresa Statuette to commemorate her work. LaPorta also received an Honorable Mention at the Sacred Arts exhibit at the Billy Graham Center Museum. Her biography has appeared in "Who’s Who in American Art." for many years.

"I always felt that if I could capture religious stories in a simplified naïveté style that my art, my paintings would speak to people. My art advisor, Mr. Calvin Goodman, encouraged me. He said, ’Paint large, you have a large subject.’ My small contribution to religious art gives me a good feeling of joy and fulfillment."
- Elayne LaPorta

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