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Art Voices South

Elayne La Porta (Henderson Nevada)

from "Art Voices South" January—February, 1980

“Nevada artist Elayne LaPorta is committed to a unique mission she is recording popular Bible stories in oil on 36" x 48" canvases with a singularly innocent style.

Each painting is preceded by months of meticulous research. Elayne endeavors to verify the tiniest details of each encounter she portrays. Since descriptions of many scenes vary with Biblical translations, she employs a system of cross-referencing to validate her work. She searches through archaeological tomes to find discourses on wardrobe relative to time. She visits libraries and museums, ever gleaning information for her progress. Of the Path of Faith approach, the artist sees all Scriptures as one. So she views them all with an open mind, distilling their illuminations into her compositions.

Calvin Goodman describes Elayne’s work as "for a smiling audience." He adds, "Verifying Biblical legends is very important to Elayne. With her art, it is her life’s work"

Her colors vibrate emphatically. Her Garden of Eden sings with Thalo red rose. Lollipop trees flank the serpentine Four Rivers, and the original First Family is there, along with the serpent, who wears a sly grin.

But Elayne LaPorta is far too vital to acquiesce to jejune commercial success. She paints daily, a full workday, and continues her research at night. The irony of Elayne LaPorta’s work is that her style, with its feeling of spontaneity, belies her tireless study. Her tableaus are a celebration of life, but it is a celebration earned through labor.

Art Voices praised the whimsy of these works "with it’s feeling of spontaneity" and celebration of life."

The Santa Monica Outlook hailed her "unique compositions….rich fairy tale colors.”

Local Artist Wins High Honors

from "The Henderson Home News" and "Las Vegas Review-Journal"

“Elayne LaPorta, who has lived in the Las Vegas area and maintained her studio here for more than thirty years, has been selected to receive the coveted 2005 Mother Teresa Award for her work as a widely appreciated religious folk artist. She was unanimously approved by the Board of the Saint Bernadette Institute of the Sacred Heart as Laureate and will receive the Mother Teresa Statuette to commemorate her work in September 2005.…

LaPorta has published a number of her works as limited editions, signed and numbered original serigraphs and lithographs. Many of these prints have been hand embellished by the artist. She plans to soon publish other works as limited edition Giclee’ prints on canvas and on archival paper. A detailed Certificate of Authenticity accompanies each of her prints.

The artist’s biography has for many years been included in Who’s Who in American Art. She is also a member of the Catholic Fine Arts Society.”

Biblical stories on canvas

Religious folk artist Elayne LaPorta making mark on the art world

from "The Henderson Home News" October 13-19, 2005

“Spiritual painter Elayne LaPorta, 80, says she has been given a gift by God - the ability to create pieces of art using a technique she said has to be seen.…

LaPorta began painting 40 years ago while taking art classes. Her artwork depicts such Bible parables as the parting of the Red Sea, the arrival of Jews in the promised land, Noah’s Ark after the flood and Jesus Christ first miracle.

Most of her artwork is done with oil on canvas. There are no dominate colors or themes in her art, she said. Like the lessons taught in the Bible, they change with the story being told.

Before painting religious folk art, LaPorta said she was becoming bored with her work. "I was painting like everyone else," she said. "It just didn’t satisfy me."

An art consultant saw her early work, and told her she had a fantastic style and should continue to pursue painting. Since then, she has been concentrating on bringing the Biblical stories to life.

A member of the St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church for the past 56 years, she bases her artwork on her Catholic faith and the research she does of the Bible.

"You don’t sit down and read the Bible," LaPorta said. "You research it."

LaPorta’s art was on display October 9, 2005 at St. Peters.”

Elayne LaPorta Fine Arts | 121 South Water Street | Henderson, NV 89015 | 702.568.1168. | Net proceeds from all sales will be donated to charity.
Elayne LaPorta Fine Arts is a member of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce.
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